P19100 Sugar Pearls White Glimmer L12000 Sugar Large Orange P16100 Sugar Pearls Green Glimmer NM0021 Nonpareils Mix Red-Green-White P11000 Sugar Pearls Yellow L53000 Sugar Large Gold FHIM01 Sugar Hearts Small Mix Red-White-Pink L25000 Sugar Large Baby Blue GS5301 Sugar Stars Gold LM0001 Sugar Large Mix Red-Green-White FHM001 Sugar Hearts Mix Red-White-Pink C13000 Rock Sugar Small Red TM0005 Puffed Rice Mix White-Baby Blue L23100 Sugar Large Pink Glimmer
Welcome to the website of A lot of Sprinkles.

A lot of Sprinkles produces all kinds of sugar based sprinkles for wholesale and industry in Western Europe.

Among these are Nonpareils, Sugar pearls, Sugar vermicelli, Sugar rocks and Sugar shapes (like hearts, stars and confetti). The Nonpareils and Sugar shapes we also have in a softbite version.

Feel free to contact us for more information: +31-(0)6-53734914.